Genetic Protection

Genetic mutation
protects some babies

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Genetic Protection
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Parenting is always done by amateurs. By the time we get to be reasonably competent we are no longer fertile.



Gene Protects Some Babies from Alcohol


A genetic mutation protects some fetuses from damage when their mothers drink during pregnancy, Reuters reported Feb. 22.

“Our research has shown that about 20 percent of African American children are born to mothers with a particular genetic (mutation), which makes it less likely that maternal drinking during pregnancy will adversely affect their child's development,” said researcher Sandra W. Jacobson of Wayne State University.

The mutation of an enzyme gene, ADH1B*3, affects how quickly the women metabolize alcohol. Women with the mutation tended to drink less during pregnancy.

“Some women who drink during pregnancy will, therefore, give birth to unaffected children,” said Jacobson. “However, others should recognize that this does not mean that they are similarly protected.”

The research appears in the January 2006 issue of the Journal of Pediatrics

Jacobson SW, et al. (2006) Protective Effects of the Alcohol Dehydrogenase-ADH1B Allele in Children Exposed to Alcohol During Pregnancy. The Journal of Pediatrics, 148(1): 30-37.


Another great gift is that of unending patience. Without patience, you will drive both your child and yourself nuts.


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