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Angels Danced

Kari Fletcher wrote following words to a new member of faslink and added the poem below.


"Welcome to FASlink.  I hear the pain in your words and I want you to know that I understand….we all do.  I don’t believe that it was the Creator’s design that anyone have FASD, but it was His design that we have each other.  We all grieve when one of us is hurting and we all celebrate when one of our kids does the “impossible”!  



I wrote “Angels Danced” on a day when my son was kicked out of summer school because of his FASD behaviors and during the week that my daughter (his younger birth sister) was diagnosed, I thought you might like to read it."

 J  Kari, June 2005





Angels Danced...




I saw a greeting card with the words

“The Angels Danced

on the Day you were Born…”


 and I wondered what kind of music was playing as they danced for you. 

Was it a woeful sad ballad that spoke of the confusion, violence and addiction that surrounded your birth?   

Was it a marching song that told of your persistence and strength to overcome and conquer? 

Was it a beautiful lullaby that helped you to sleep in a world that was not very nurturing and soft?




 Was there an orchestra full of trumpets and cymbals majestically announcing the arrival of a special child of God?  Maybe the song had a wild rock beat, the kind of song that you now love to dance to, and maybe the angels twirled and giggled as they danced much like you do now. 




I wondered if they danced again on the day you entered foster care.  Or the day we adopted you.  I know that I danced on that day.  I danced to your song…a song that only you can play, a song that God allowed me to hear but that not everybody hears yet.  Your daddy and I love to dance to your song and we will keep inviting others to dance with us.    




Your song is your gift to us and we are blessed to be able to hear it.  It was your beautiful song that the angels heard that day, wasn’t it?  Keep playing, sweetheart…they are still dancing!    




Copyright 2004  by Kari Fletcher


Kari Fletcher

Moms give their children so much, please don't let that include Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)...if you are pregnant, don't drink alcohol.

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